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Home Remodeling

Local Home Remodeling


Home renovation is an essential part of home ownership. Older housing must ultimately be restored, and sometimes fresh homeowners want to really create their own. House renovation is not done lightly, and the Crs Builders group will work with you on your next venture to realize a fresh vision of your house.

Service-Oriented Home Remodeling


Crs Builders is made of service-based engineers, developers, and constructors who are willing to assist with the realization and stress-free implementation of your dream construction venture. It was our achievement to take care of our customers during all steps of our four-stage construction cycle. We’ll tell you every detail until you’re happy with our answers regardless of your issues or worries.

As a design/construction company, with architects and builders in one company, certain aspects of a project are also easier:

  • Licensed architect services for the implementation of the restructuring or extension project
  • The architect is available during the entire building phase
  • Greater involvement and flexibility in the design process
  • Consistent quality and outstanding customer service
  • Single point of control and responsibility – don’t hang between the architect and the contractor

Home Remodeling for your Future

An investment in your household is a house renovation undertaking, but also financially. New additional features and home repairs may reduce depreciation and ensure peace of mind in your home’s functional integrity. Crs Builders will ensure that your build is executed correctly and with the utmost care. Complete the form on this page to schedule your free consultation, or give us a call at 858-282-1311.

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Start off by filling out the form below to give us a little more information about your goals. After that, we’ll get in contact to schedule an in-home meeting. We’ll discuss all of your goals to make your dream home a reality. We look forward to working with you!